Before I write about this Cynthia Rowley dress that I fell in love with at Marshall’s, I need to backtrack to my April 23 Back Interest post.  Mr. Campbell thought the photograph I chose was a horrible example of how to pay attention to our looks from behind. Whenever he sees a woman wearing something that he doesn’t like,  he’ll say, “She should have called me before she got dressed this morning.” He thought the woman I photographed looked like she had just rolled out of bed.

Mr. Campbell loved this grey dress . . . from the front. But then I asked him, “If I were a stranger that you saw walking down the street from behind, would you say, ‘She should have called me before she got dressed this morning?'” His answer was “Yes,” so back it went, spacious pockets and all. Shapewear couldn’t iron out my back flab, and the deep armholes aren’t flattering on me. Too bad . . . I was envisioning a search for, and review of, convertible bra straps!

My mother was less kind than Andrew. She thought it looked like a maternity dress from the front.

From 2011

Speaking of mothers, Mother’s Day is on my mind because I discovered yesterday that it’s already impossible to get a reservation for brunch next Sunday at the nicest places in the city where my mother-in-law lives. Fortunately, I found something that I think will be perfect for us. I also found these posts from last year’s Mother’s Week series:

  1. My Mom (by me)
  2. Advice on a Daughter’s First Bra Fitting (by Ali Cudby)
  3. Discovering You’re a Swan (anonymous)
  4. The Inspiration for Carissa Rose (by Carissa Brown)
  5. Fashion Lessons from Mom (by Jill Homiak)
  6. Shape, Cut and Confidence from a DIY Mother (by Karen)
  7. A Proper Bra Fitting Shows You Care (by Cheryl Warner)

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, look for a guest post on Thursday from a full-busted mother with a fabulous attitude. Her tween and teenage daughters are super lucky.

From 2010

I’ve been looking for lift like this ever since publishing this in May, 2010: How High Can You Go?

From 2009

Sometimes I refer to the Strum Strum Factor when I describe knit tops. What do you call it–or do you even notice it?