Before I reveal what I’m wearing under my T-shirt in the three pictures below, take a look and see what you think. My analysis comes after the jump




A. Panache 3376 foam-lined underwire
B. Prima Donna unlined satin underwire
C. Elomi Push-Up Underwire Plunge

I know I wear the right size bras, and thanks to a checkup with Iris Lingerie yesterday, I know my current bras don’t need to be replaced yet. However, maybe it’s age or large cup size or a combination of the two, but when I’ve tried on clothes recently and asked the opinion of saleswomen and fellow dressing room shoppers, a few have suggested a better bra might make a difference. Ouch.

Since I’m picky about my bras, I initially felt defensive. Then I began to reflect. I realized that I feel enormous in the Panache 3376. This is why I will avoid wearing it in the future. The woman who sold it to me raved about the lift it gave me, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Based on my Panache 3376 experience, I was ready to swear off ever wearing anything foam-lined again until Iris put me in the Elomi. She didn’t have to rave about the lift it gave me. I could tell right away because I almost had to worry about cleavage showing! It has side padding that gives the plunge effect, but it also gives lift and added support.

My Prima Donna satin is my go-to every day bra, but the Elomi has me reconsidering. I haven’t yet purchased it, but I’ll write more about it once I do.