The “after” models were the lucky women who looked put together during Carissa’s pitch on Wednesday night because they wore her shirts. (Since I was a “before” model, I wore a Foxcroft shirt that ranked a 4 on my Gap-O-Meter scale.) It was wonderful to have the chance to see three real women in one place wearing different Carissa Rose shirts. You can see them after the jump.

This is the Emma shirt in cognac, which is actually a rich brown. I should have taken the model’s picture standing up so that you could see the nice long waist it gave her. I’m also a fan of the shirttail hem. This model teaches university classes while working on her PhD in French literature, and this blouse is perfect for teaching because it’s crisp, tailored and creative.

Here’s the Justina shirt. Carissa made a good point that for many large-breasted women, you notice the boobs coming at you before you notice the woman. In this shirt, I definitely notice the model first. I’ve been wanting to try the Justina shirt for ages, and Wednesday night was my chance. I’ll give a more detailed review of it tomorrow.

Finally, here’s the Carissa shirt. I’m mostly posting this picture so that you can see how gorgeous the graphite color is. Carissa can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is the same shirt I reviewed here in March 2009. She’s made two big improvements since then: (1) no more pointy darts–they’ve been replaced with a princess seam at the bust; and (2) she changed the name of her line to Carissa Rose.