Do you see the fabric pulling between my breasts in these pictures? That’s what I call the Strum Strum Factor–the fabric is so taut it looks like guitar strings that someone could strum a tune on. Tina, my pattern maker, attributes it to the shirt being too tight. If that’s the case, then even some XL tee shirts are off limits to me. Another woman I met who is a designer for a knitwear company has promised to explain the cause to me. I’ll report back when she does.

In the meantime, how do you feel about the Strum Strum Factor? Do you even notice it on other women? I know I do, but am I being too critical? Have you found fabrics that avoid it? Tell me, tell me!

I’m also wondering if neckline is an issue. For instance, the bottom picture is a square neck. Compare it to the V neck in the same fabric that I posted last Friday. Of course, I don’t have faith that the V neck will stay strum-strum-less. I’ve bought shirts that look perfect in the store only to be a full guitar by the end of my first day of wearing them.

Speaking of the Friday Elie Tahari shirt, one of my readers has assured me that it does not look amazing enough for $78, so I’m going to return it. This brings up issues of quality and worth that I’m looking forward to writing about soon!