After two commenters recommended J.Crew for T-shirts last week, I couldn’t wait to give them a try. I left the house in a wrinkled shirt last Friday, so I was all the more motivated to find one that day (you know how you talk yourself into believing it’s not that bad, only to discover it’s worse and worse every time you catch a glimpse of yourself?). The J.Crew at Columbus Circle had no scoopneck tees, and only the boyfriend tissue tee came in a V-neck. Don’t you love the sound of “tissue tee”? It’s so soft. I bought the black one because the fabric is too thin to carry it off in lighter colors except in the most casual settings.

The T-shirt was an improvement over the wrinkled shirt that I changed from in the bathroom, but it turned out to be way too deep of a V, which is why I was happy to find the Peek-A-Boo Camisole bra at my Dirty Dolls party on Sunday. There are scoopneck options online that I may try soon. Meanwhile, I’ve made Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s T-shirt runs with mixed results.

Here’s the $78 Elie Tahari tee that I found at Bloomingdale’s. Keep it or return it?

I love the color and would never pay $78 for the same shirt in black since there are so many other options in black. It’s also pretty clingy (65% rayon, 27% cotton and 8% elastane), which may put it in the casual-only category. But I love the color. . . .

Here’s the $25 Liz Claiborne tee that I found at Macy’s (I bought it in white and lilac).

Just your basic tee in a nice thick cotton. My only criticism is the strum-strum factor, which I’ll explain in another posting.