When Andrea said she was wearing a balconette instead of her usual Wacoal minimizer last Thursday, I freaked out, and it wasn’t because of the balconette. It was because of the minimizer. How had I overlooked such a detail? I met Andrea at Linda’s last December for a fitting to confirm her bra size, and I had purchased the bra that she would wear to the fittings.

Andrea tried to reassure me that everyone wears a minimizer under a button-front shirt, but I wasn’t reassured. My goal is for a woman to be able to wear her best-fitting and most comfortable bra under a button-front shirt without having to conform her body to the shirt. Red Violet shirts should conform to a woman’s body, not the other way around.

Since I was near Linda’s this afternoon, I decided to stop in and face the truth. Danielle, the super helpful woman behind the counter, checked Andrea’s records on the computer: the bra I bought last December was . . . not a minimizer. I am SO relieved.