Uniqlo caught my eye on Sunday with an advertisement for bra tops starting at $15.50. At that price, I doubt they’re made to support full-breasted women, but it reminded me of Bravissimo’s offerings that I’ve always wanted to try. Unless I can find something local (I remember Intimacy had something a couple of years ago), I’ll order this one, which should be available at the end of this month.
My search for North American options online tonight met with limited success. When I googled “G cup bra top,” I only got G-strings! Roadrunnersports.com has a couple of possibilities. The one below (R-Gear Bring It On Powertek Bra C/D) has less of the I’m-on-my-way-to-the-gym-look, but it only goes to a D cup. You’d probably only want to wear their DDD option (R-Gear Secret Weapon Bra Tank) to the gym.
I found something to fit a G cup from http://www.breastfeedingwear.com. I’m not too proud to try it if I can’t find anything else, and I like that there’s a bamboo option. I could pretend I was wearing one those cool-looking tops they sell at yoga studios.

On an entirely different note, I’m fascinated by http://www.lulalu.com. They focus on the woman who can easily wear those tiny yoga tops and who is literally at the opposite end of the spectrum from the full-breasted woman. It just goes to show the variety of fitting issues we women face.