Here’s a quote I was glad to read in the WSJ* on April 21: “[E]xperts say that shoppers today, while still interested in fashion, are equally focused on clothes that are well made and whose style and construction will last more than a season.” This goes along with the shopping tips I posted in February.

I bought a pair of DKNY jeans at Macy’s two weeks ago for $38 after using a $10 coupon. I can’t remember what I paid for another pair of DKNY jeans a couple of years ago, but this seemed like less, and even at $48 before using the coupon, the price seemed to good to be true. It was. The fabric at the end of the button doesn’t stay flat and pokes forward, which you can see in the first picture of the Elie Tahari tee shirt. Since it didn’t do that in my previous pair, the quality must have declined with the price. I suspect the manufacturer either skimped on interfacing or fabric. I didn’t choose these jeans because they were cheap. I bought them for their fit and look. I would definitely pay more for the same fit in a better quality.

Recently, a reader asked for bra recommendations and asked what I thought of Playtex. I can’t remember if I’ve ever tried Playtex, but I’ve tried Bali and Olga and similar brands. I wish I liked them because they’re all less than $40, but something isn’t right when I put them on. I can’t put my finger on it, but I have a feeling it comes down to quality. My Wacoal bras fit and feel right and cost around $60 each. Again, I’m willing to pay more for better quality.

A friend of mine wanted to stop at Bergdorfs after we had lunch the other day because Wolford hosiery were on sale. She discovered Wolford when her drugstore tights were sagging and she needed to replace them immediately. She fell in love with Wolford and has never gone back. Evidently, Wolford hose never sag and the waistband won’t roll. They’re not immune to runs, so the saleswoman recommended using a pair of satin gloves to put them on. At a minimum price of $38 per pair (the price of my jeans!), I would definitely use the gloves. I’m just glad I’m not in a phase of my life where I need to wear hose or I’d have to try them and never be satisfied with ordinary hose again!

Sometimes we can’t afford quality in everything we wear and we have to choose where it’s most important to us. For my friend, quality is important in her hosiery. For me, it’s important in my bras.

Tonight I’m going to an event at Saks where I will sit in the audience “modeling” a $1000 suit from I love this suit and can’t wait to tell you all about it. Now, however, I need to rush to put my makeup on and get out the door!

*I’ll be happy to email you the entire WSJ article if you’re interested. It goes on to compare designer clothes made for stores like Target against clothes by the same designer sold at stores like Barney’s.