It’s thanks to Carissa Brown’s mother that we have access to clothing that fits us from Carissa Rose. This post is just the tip of the iceberg.  For more about how Helene Rose inspired Carissa and gave her the confidence to create her clothing line, read these past entries from Carissa’s blog:  She’s My Inspiration, Mother’s Day, and Bratique Helene.

While my mother didn’t necessarily appreciate her body, she was never negative about mine – thank goodness. She, like most women, always wanted to be thinner. And she, like most women, never really enjoyed her big bosom. Granted, a big bosom is hard to fit. But I am ever so thankful that she was never critical or negative about my body, and left me to form my own opinions about my body.

My mom was not one to force her opinion on other people, so she let me be just who I am. Her fashion legacy was imparting to me her knowledge and understanding of garment construction, pattern making, and fitting the female form. And hats! She loved statement making, fashionable hats. I have worn hats for years as a means of sun protection, but not until recently have I found myself drawn to hats as an extension of personal style. They are very fun!

My first memory of bra shopping with my mom is positive – she took me to the local (Dallas) mom & pop lingerie store and had me fitted in a soft cup bra. I really felt that I was putting my best foot forward when I wore that bra.

One of my mom’s most famous sayings is “Stand up straight and walk tall. Hold your shoulders back.” She was a stickler for posture, and even though she often times cursed her large chest, she was proud of her womanliness.