Our breasts demand so much of our attention that we sometimes forget our profiles and backs. (Thanks to the readers who didn’t allow me to ignore my profile back in March, I returned that cardigan after receiving your candid comments.) Below is a photo of a woman who was walking her dog with her boyfriend ahead of me on Saturday.  What I like is that  she’s made sure her bra straps complement her interesting back instead of detracting from it. Beige straps would have said, “I can’t help it if my bra straps show” (helpless),  but her lilac straps say, “I know you’ll see my bra straps, so I’ve given you something pretty to look at” (in control).

By the way,  Sarah over at Stackdd has found a dress with a cut-out back from Anthropologie that won’t even show your bra.  It’s also a happy addition to our Pinterest boards–be sure to follow if you haven’t already!

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