Darlene and I are very excited to showcase how essential pieces like a white button down shirt and a little black dress (“LBD”) can add so much versatility to your wardrobe.
As a stylist, when I work with a client I always make sure she has the right foundations to build a stylish yet effective wardrobe. So we started by reviewing Gina’s white button down shirts and LBD. The shirts were too big, so we put her in a size 12L Campbell & Kate shirt that showcased her waist and fit her shoulders.
Her LBD was not very flattering as it did not enhance her small waist. Plus the sleeves and the neckline made her look matronly. Curvy women should prefer modern and stylish cuts to avoid looking matronly: V-neck, empire waist, cinched waist, wrap dresses create a nice shape.
One of Gina’s favorite looks that day. We used her existing pieces to create exciting and flattering combos!
The look below was not completely flattering because the sweater does not fit right: it was one size too big.

I used statement accessories, funky shoes and a classic blazer to dress up a casual look (white shirt and casual jeans).

At the end of the session, we identified a few great pieces to be included in the Styling Wardrobe Essentials photo shoot: the jeans, the animal print shoes, the black blazer, the grey cardigan, the brown belt, the pearls and the bronze flats.
Gina was very excited for the professional insight into her existing wardrobe, habits and beliefs, plus she discovered new flattering combos with her existing pieces.
Do you have all your wardrobe essentials? Is it difficult for you to find basics that are flattering! Please share your questions, concerns and tips. I will be happy to help!