(The Rack is a weekly Friday column by fit model, waitress-turned-bartender, musician and future superstar, Tammy.)

Apologies for my lateness!  Friday morning when I should have been putting final touches on this week’s post, I was inadvertently sleeping in for the fourth time this week. I’m not sure if my body is trying to tell me something, or if my subconscious is aware that this week was a small, rare window for catching up on rest. As you might know, I traded my babysitting job a couple of weeks ago for a steady gig singing demo songs for a songwriter. More money, less hours . . . it was a no brainer. I’ve been striving for a couple of years now to subsist entirely on music-related jobs, and this switch brings me one step closer to singing for my supper full time. The next big change came last weekend, when I found a bartending job at a great new restaurant just down the block from the one where I had been (miserably) waiting tables for the past few months. In a strange turn of events, I ended up with all of my mornings free this week . . . and instead of being super productive . . . I slept.

I’m about halfway done with the “prerequisites” my surgeon suggested I complete before we submit my surgery for insurance approval, and this week, her office gave me a tentative date for the procedure:  May 17. In the next three weeks I’ll be finishing up physical therapy, visiting the orthopedic doctor again, and finally submitting a precertification to my insurance company and crossing my fingers and toes! In light of this final(ish) countdown, I thought I’d write a little something pertaining to my 34F’s while I’ve still got ’em.


The first of many amazing things about my new “side” job is that I get to wear anything I want!  No more totally unflattering white button down, buttoned all the way up ! [cue clapping]  Now I can wear anything, as long as it’s black and has sleeves. Since most of my dressy-ish black shirts are sleeveless, I spent Friday afternoon at Macy’s, hoping to find some sexy-but-not-too-sexy tops that were work-appropriate, but could also pull double duty as real-life attire (on the off chance I ever have an evening off from work, music work, and “career” work (the latter is the kind that I don’t get paid for yet) . I ended up with this tailored linen blazer by American Rag which I had to buy in a large to cover the girls, and which I will also be adding a button to so it gives me a bit more of a waist.

Then I got a little mini-cardigan with cute frilly lace trim, also American Rag, and this cotton tee by Macy’s inc brand in MEDIUM!

My personal favorite is this wrap-like knit by Bar III which you can purchase here. The criss-cross part hits a lot higher up on my torso, making the shirt itself a bit shorter- but it still clears my belly button so it doesn’t look like it’s too small.