I visited my hair salon for a double process on Tuesday. My salon was founded by Lorraine Massey, the author of “The Curly Girl Handbook.” I love her story. She was the only one in her family born with curly hair, and she struggled to straighten it all her life. Finally she gave up and figured out how to work with it. Even better, she shared her methods with everyone else.

Her passion became a hugely successful business. When I sit under the hairdryer there, I imagine what it must feel like to be her and to walk into a salon that is the physical manifestation of her dreams . . . the lighting just as she wants it, the bottles of product with names she came up with, everyone around her working towards the same goal of creating beautiful curls. It’s hugely invigorating.

Going to a place where everyone understands my hair is confidence-building. Thanks to Lorraine, I like the way my curls look now. You’ve probably guessed where this post is headed. Lorraine’s salon inspires me because I want to give full-breasted women the resources to like and work with their own bodies just as Lorraine has given me the resources to like and work with my curly hair.

If she could do it, so can I.