Yesterday, Andrea tried on my samples. She started with the white shirt, which gapped. She went on to the black shirt, which was slightly better. Finally, she tried the blue shirt. It was perfect.

We’re not sure what made the difference. The fabric is identical except for color. Maybe the sample maker (a) didn’t iron the white fabric before cutting, and it shrank after sewing, or (b) didn’t follow seam allowance instructions for just that shirt. Initially, we blamed Andrea’s balconette bra since she’s worn the same full cup Wacoal to every other fitting, but we discarded that theory once we saw how the blue shirt fit.

Andrea will give one of the shirts a full day’s wearing and report back on any issues. She’ll also try them on with the Wacoal.

They’ll be at my party this Sunday. I’m looking forward to getting feedback from my guests.