Now that I don’t get dressed for an office every day, the freedom to wear whatever I want is killing me. All I want to wear are jeans and sneakers, but that’s not appropriate for my networking lunch at the Cornell Club today. Fortunately, I went through my wardrobe yesterday and discovered I have plenty of options for lunch today.

The challenge is what to wear on run-around or work-from-home days when I still want to look and feel put-together. Sometimes I find myself in sweats until dinner, which, frankly, feels gross. So I was glad to find a posting about what to wear while you’re looking for work on Corporette the other day. Their solution? Jeans. Check. Jacket. Check. T-shirt. Oh.

Maybe it’s just me, but finding a perfect T-shirt is a challenge. Fifteen years ago, I thought my XL Hanes T-shirts were perfect. The crew neck hid any cleavage, and the bagginess hid everything else (except my bust). I cringe when I see those pictures today.

However, in going through my wardrobe yesterday, I discovered I only have 2 T-shirts left. Both are for the gym, and neither would look good under a jacket, even if they were new. Here’s one:

So in my search for the right T-shirts to supplement my otherwise pretty complete wardrobe, I thought I’d start with

Surprisingly, many of their P-shape top offerings are peasant and blouson:

I actually like the way these look on me from the front, although the profile can be maternity-like. For under a jacket, however, I’ve put the following on my wish list. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!! In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted on what I order and how it works.