I picked up my first set of samples of The Shirt on Monday. Andrea will try them on this coming Monday to check for any final fitting issues. If they fit her perfectly, we’re on to grading for the rest of us. I can’t wait to have this shirt in my size!

I took the samples to the first anniversary of Iris Lingerie last night and received positive feedback. I met some really great women. How can you help but meet great women when you’re hanging out in a lingerie store talking about bodies, jobs, men and shopping? This made me even more excited about my Dirty Dolls party on April 26.

By the way, Iris has an entire wall of swimsuits dedicated to D+ women. I love the Panache tankini in the bottom right corner.

Iris’s friend Sherry was also there last night. She’s the sales rep for the Iris Special that I wrote about on February 6. She told me that other women are wearing body suits under the lace with a jacket over it and looking fabulous. I’m going to see if I can carry this off at my party. If you don’t see me in this outfit, you’ll know it didn’t work for me. If you see me in this outfit and still know it didn’t work for me, you’ll have to tell me!

I keep meeting such interesting entrepreneurs as I venture into this business that I’m going to start sharing them with you here. On Monday I’m having lunch with Yvonne, the founder and lead baker of Dolly Bella Bakery. I missed the boat when it came to ordering her cookies in time for Easter, but don’t be surprised if you receive some of her cookies in the mail from me one of these days. I’m also looking forward to meeting in person Angel Varner of D+Bras.com. We just met this week through an online resource for entrepreneurs.

Finally, I’ve been procrastinating on my sports bra homework, but my friend Ann let me cheat off her research a little bit. She gives high marks to Enell, which I’ve wanted to try for a while now, and to CWX, by Wacoal. I’m also looking forward to trying Title Nine, just because I like their name and I think their barbell ratings are so clever, although there’s no way I can review all of the 3+ barbell bras that they offer.

As you can see, there’s a lot to look forward to!