I hate being hot.  Not hot as in how I look but the actual temperature.  This distress is multiplied by a bazillion because I am large busted and live in NYC.  The heat combined with unrelenting humidity make me want to stay inside until fall.  Unfortunately, that is not an option for me.  Life rolls on, children need to be taken to events, groceries need to be bought and Mama needs her vitamin D.

How I wish I could grab a little tank top and go on about my business, but my 32Js make this a problem.  Fortunately there are tank tops that fit properly.  Bravissimo sells a few with built-in bras that many have had success with.  I bought one last year, but it just didn’t work for me.

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For me, it isn’t just the fit that is the problem.  I struggle with trying not to look too sexy in the summer. It’s difficult to get people to understand that I’m boobalicious by nature NOT because I’m trying to turn you on sexually.  Even in a tank with a small amount of cleavage showing, large busted women still get the stares.  I’ve tried to throw on lightweight cardigans over spaghetti strapped dresses and tops but to be brutally honest . . . I’m sick of doing so because it’s too damn hot!

The older I get, the less I care about what assumptions people are making about my properly perched, well-supported boobs.  It’s something my husband and son have to learn to get over.  It’s no secret that their wife/mom has big boobs.  They’ve always been big.  Their friends know they are big, their friends’ parents know they are big, their teachers know they are big . . . even the guy who makes our sandwiches at the corner store knows they are big.  No more hiding behind cardigans willing myself not to sweat.

Tank top on, best breast forward!


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