Option 1: Wear a bra with straps that match your strapless dress. Yay or nay?

My thoughts:  Meh.  Until she moved closer, I wasn’t sure if the straps were part of her bra or her dress.  I can see why she went this route.  It was Sunday morning, and she was trying to combine comfort with cute.  By the way, her bra is probably super comfortable, but it’s time to replace it.  Her apex is practically at her elbows.

Option 2: Wear a strapless bra.

My thoughts:  Sigh.  A strapless bra is perfect here, but it probably means sacrificing comfort.  The next time I wear a strapless, I’m going to try a Pambra’s bra liner to see if that makes a difference.  Unfortunately, that may be a while.  Does anyone out there plan to wear a strapless soon and want to try this for me?  Contact me if so!

Option 3:  What else are you doing this summer?