Urkye recently introduced a bunch of new dresses, including two really cool colorblock options, the Esy and the Floresy, each in three colorways. I immediately knew I’d be buying one, but stupidly waited to see if Urkye would offer a coupon or a sale.

I really wanted the Floresy in the green on black color, and I kept checking to see if any sizes were selling out, a warning that I needed to snatch up my size before it was gone. And then all of a sudden one day all the 36’s and 38’s were gone! Now that I’m looking again it seems more green sizes are back in stock, though with low availability. In any case, I ended up buying the black on purple color while I could.

I was going to order 38 o/oo since my 36 oo/ooo Kieska dress is a little tighter than ideal, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise that I could only get 36 oo/ooo because this dress runs much looser. In fact, it’s actually a little too loose and also has a couple other issues as well.

(I’m wearing a 65HH Comexim Magic Blue bra in all these photos.)



The biggest issue for me is that the chest is baggy under my bust. It’s quite bizarre, because it fits just fine in the upper half. It’s as if my boobs are too high up for the dress.

Note the ski slope shape under my boobs instead of the fabric curving along the underside.
Note the ski slope shape under my boobs instead of the fabric curving along the underside.
Here’s how I expected it to fit (or at least closer to this).
Here’s how I expected it to fit (or at least closer to this).

I definitely wouldn’t size down to a 34 because it’d be too clingy on the rest of my body, but I’m fairly certain a 36 o/oo would be an improvement.

The second major issue is that the hips aren’t shaped quite right. Where the black fabric meets the purple on my hips, the sides come to a distinct point. You can even see it a little in Urkye’s own photos, but until I got the dress I just assumed that was bunching up like you always get walking around in a tight jersey skirt.


You can really see it when you lay the dress out flat. The hips are shaped with an actual point instead of being a smooth curve.


Now, altering the hips is a really easy fix. I just have to turn it inside out and sew a new curved line at the pointy spot. But I’m not totally sure what to do about the underbust. Ordinarily, I would take in the sides a little leading from under the sleeves to the waist. But with all the seams, and since this dress is shaped with a contoured, three-dimensional chest instead of a flat plane, I’m not sure how much of a difference that would make. I’ll have to do some pinning with the dress on my body to see what I can come up with.

My last disappointment with this dress is that the contrast between the purple and black is not as noticeable as I had hoped. It’s quite dark and they kind of blend together unless you’re standing in direct sunlight.

All that being said, there are some positives here. For one thing, I love the length! I’m so sick of super short dresses that hike up when I walk and end up barely covering my rear. This one stops halfway over my knee when I first put it on, and hikes up to a reasonable length just a couple inches above the knee when I walk around. I can sit and bend down without worrying about flashing someone.

The fabric is also wonderful. It’s 92% cotton and 8% elastane (aka spandex) and feels smooth and cool against the skin. It’s a little stiffer and thicker than my old Kieska dress, so my bra band isn’t as visible and it doesn’t show visible pantylines. I also think it’s just a cool, edgy-looking dress.

I still really like the green color and am so tempted to order that one too, but I don’t really think I can justify it since size 36 o/oo is not in stock and the fit of 36 oo/ooo is so off.