Sometimes I stumble across full bust finds that I wasn’t planning to write about, and I want to share them with you while they’re fresh on my mind and still available in stores. So I’m creating a new category for this type of post. Today’s discoveries came from yet another venture into Macy’s. I couldn’t help it–I passed it on the way to get buttonholes sewn into one of my shirts, and I had to see if I could fit the Jessica Simpson seersucker dress in size 12.

Only there was no Jessica Simpson seersucker dress left in size 12, and it’s no longer available on their website either!

However, I found another great Jessica Simpson dress that you’re going to love. It’s not even on the Macy’s website, but you can find this chambray Jessica Simpson sundress on the Dillard’s website.


jessica simpson chambray sundress

I found the size 12 to be boob-smashing, and they didn’t have a size 14 in stock, but this gives you an idea of the fit.

jessica simpson chambray sundress side

 And I’m not even bothered by the armhole bra display because guess what? Those wide grosgrain ribbon straps are adjustable in back (and I was wearing them at their very loosest)! Plus, the elasticized smocking is great for contributing a little more give to the boob area.

jessica simpson chambray sundress back details

Next up is a Betsey Johnson dress that I only wish I had an excuse to buy. This could work for any event that requires dressing up–weddings, cocktail parties, graduations, etc.

betsey johnson lacy polka dot dress

 It’s lacy and stretchy and oh so feminine. Other than needing to be slightly shortened, I felt like the size 14 fit perfectly.

perfect big bust dress for a wedding betsey johnson illusion

 And guess what? It even has back interest!

betsey johnson illusion dress back
(Ignore the pink hanger loops.)

The keyhole back actually lay flat when I wasn’t contorting myself to take this picture. In both photos, you can see my beige bra through the lace. I’d want to wear a prettier bra under this dress, but the visibility otherwise wouldn’t bother me.