In June I told you that I wanted to try Pambra’s bra liners sometime.  Yesterday I tried them in two scenarios (thank you to the Pambra’s founder for sending me a set after I mentioned them here!):

First scenario: under my Prima Donna Satin bra with my Spanx bodysuit, perspiring in Bryant Park for an hour in 92 degree heat. 

  •  ResultUsually the fabric surrounding the underwires would have been drenched, making me feel wilted and gross, but this time I felt completely dry. Also, you might wonder if the bra liner felt heavy after absorbing so much sweat (kind of like a wet diaper).  Not at all.

Second scenario:  under a Panache strappy top.  I still haven’t bought a strapless bra, but I realized yesterday that the underwires of this top feel very similar to one because of the tiny straps.  I’ve always enjoyed feeling cool in these tops, but I haven’t loved the underwires. 

  • Result:  I felt much more comfortable, and although I was still happy to take the top off at the end of the evening, I didn’t have my usual red marks from the underwires.  Have you ever tucked your shirt into your underwires to make them feel less abrasive?  The Pambra’s liners have the same effect.

The liners aren’t pretty, but they don’t look nearly as clinical as they do on the Pambra’s website.  Perhaps it was because I was wearing a full cup bra vs. a plunge, but nothing peeked out of the center gore on top, and only a small slice of the liner showed at the bottom between the breasts.  You can choose to wear the liner halfway exposed or fully contained by the bra.  I began with the former but with shifting throughout the day ended up with the latter. 

Final thoughts:  I’m very glad to have these in my lingerie drawer, and I’m going to be happy to be wearing one again while I’m waiting for a train in an oven-like subway station later today.