Back in May, I told you about the strappy tops from Bravissimo and the camis from Solutions. Then it stayed so cool for so long, that I didn’t feel like buying one until last week when (a) the Bravissimo top in my size said “awaiting stock”, and (b) I was larger than the DD that Solutions offers. I had no idea when I wandered into Town Shop‘s end-of-summer sale yesterday that I would find the Panache strappy tops. (Carissa Brown alerted me in May that Panache makes the Bravissimo tops under a private label.)

Here’s my verdict:
The strappy top is as cool and carefree as I’ve always imagined it would be. Not worrying about bra straps is like someone who just had Lasik surgery never worrying about glasses again. Also, the built-in bra feels really secure. I wouldn’t run a mile in it, but I would run to catch up with someone a hundred yards ahead of me.

The only negative is that the top is too low to wear under a jacket to work in a corporate setting. You can see where the neckline hits in the side view picture above. The bra is padded so that nothing shows through, although of course this makes the breasts look slightly larger. Originally, the seams in the bra cup showed through, but once I filled the cups out, that wasn’t a problem.

Fitting may be tricky. With my saleswoman’s help, I learned that I should wear a 34FF in these tops. I never would have ordered that size online, so her assistance was invaluable. I’ll share more about the Town Shop experience in my next post.

I’m still figuring out the best way to put this top on. When I stepped into it and pulled it up over my hips this morning, I definitely heard a soft ripping noise. I’ll probably put it on over my head from now on, but it’s a challenge to keep everything from bunching up above my chest and even more of a challenge to pull everything into place once it does.

Finally, Bravissimo has asked for a longer length from the manufacturer. It’s definitely shorter in front, but it extends about two inches below my waist, and for such a casual top that works in so many other ways, I’m not going to complain.