You probably saw some gorgeous Easter dresses yesterday (and hopefully you were wearing one!). I fell in love with this woman’s sundress from the back, and it was just as cute from the front. The side view was a literal letdown, however, because her inadequate strapless bra caused her large bust to rest at her waist. Very sad.

Remember: this doesn’t have to be you. You have a week left to enter the Va Bien giveaway that I announced last week, and the Va Bien Ultra Lift strapless bra goes up to an I cup.

Last week I also announced the creation of the Say Yes to Dresses Pinterest board, which gives you three more ways to enter the giveaway. Your comments to that post were extremely helpful to the reader who inspired it, and I’ll keep you posted on what she finds. Meanwhile, here are a few helpful back posts on the topic of wedding wear:

  1.  First, never give up! This author’s horrific beginning at David’s Bridal became an inspiration for her readers in Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress Part II.
  2. The best bridesmaid in the world describes her duct tape solution.
  3.  Before Sarah created, she wrote a series on this subject for Hourglassy under the pen name Sadie M. In Part 1, she considers off the rack options; in Part 2, she describes the half-muslin process; in Part 3 she looks for the right consultant; in Part 4 she walks you through her alterations, and in Part 5 you get to see the final product.