While my friend and I were trying on bras at the Care for the Cause event at Linda’s last October, one of Linda’s employees said something that astonished me: “I wish I could wear your bras.” Since this was my first encounter with anyone who envied the bra options available to women above a D cup, I did what any self-respecting full-busted blogger would do: I asked her to write a guest post for us.

My name is Kim and I wear a 32D. A small 32D. Believe me, there really isn’t anything big about a 32D in the first place. (Remember, the smaller the back, the smaller the cup. So a 32D is two full cup sizes smaller than a 36D, for instance.) I have worked as a bra fitter for 7 years and currently lead Linda the Bra Lady’s marketing and social media departments. I still write and talk about bras and breasts all day long , and since Linda’s carries bras from AA-N cup , I have heard the viewpoints of every cup size out there. Now here’s my very own 32D view on things!

My favorite complaint from fuller busted women is “They don’t make anything cute for big boobs.”  I implore you, take a look at the stock at Linda’s. It’s FULL of gorgeous bras and swimwear for D cups and up that we D- women wish we could wear!

Are the bras available to D- women more delicate-looking? This sounds like shoes to me. I wear a size 8 in shoes and I always think that the size 5 sample looks so cute! Then the salesperson brings out a big, ugly size 8 that looks nothing like the delicate shoe on the showroom floor. But just like you wouldn’t wear a size 5 shoe when you really wear an 8, you can’t wear a size 32B bra if you’re really a 38H. And it has to look different–it’s a different size! And more importantly in bras, it has to be made differently to give you the support and shape that you want. A “delicate” little bra is totally useless to a fuller bust. Not only will it look terrible, but a flimsy bra will feel terrible, too. I have to be honest. I’m happy that I can wear some bras that are a little more “delicate”, but I feel like they accentuate the “petiteness” of my bosom. I want to look buxom sometimes, too! And to do so, I have to reach for a padded push up bra. And there’s nothing delicate about a lot of padding. Have you ever worn a water bra? Didn’t think so. Guess who has! 😉

As far as more variety, in the world of underwear, I know that there are more companies that carry only B-DD cup or A-D cup, but they are a dime a dozen. I mean, I used to work for years for a very sexy and well-designed company (that will go unnamed) that only made A-D cups, and they were just decoration. They really didn’t support very well. I loved these bras, don’t get me wrong, but I put a lot more stock into well-constructed bras that do their job. And their “job” is not just to be pretty. A bra’s job is to lift and shape.

As a D-, I wish I could fill bras out like this!

AH! If only.

Here’s another sexy full coverage number that I can’t fill out.


Really, my bust is not really that petite, but I have almost no fullness in the middle. I really have to rely on my bra to shape my breasts into a nice forward, round, somewhat full shape.  I can never fill out full coverage bras or very open shaped bras that are made to accommodate fuller breasts.  I’ve learned to own my shape and enjoy wearing plunging v-necks–again, like NO breast tissue in the middle of my chest, no kidding–but wow I wish I could fill out a sassy bra like this!
There’s just no way. My bust would never fill it up, even in the right size. Size is just one part of a good fit–style and cup shape is a biggie!

Also, I am a big retro fan and love the style of pin ups from the 1950’s. That buxom, curvy look is so feminine, and I wish I could fill out a sassy bra and dress the part!

Truly, I’d love to walk around for a day (maybe a week, or a month?) as a 32G! One of my favorite sizes. I’ve helped girls who are a 32G who have cried because of their newfound size, horrified by their big busts. I try to be understanding. A woman’s view of her body is such a personal thing. But, if only she knew that little boobies like mine wish they could look as glamorous as hers! I think full breasts are gorgeous.

Ultimately, though, I wouldn’t change a thing. Here’s why: I think I have a different view than most women in general because of my vast experience with breasts. I have been fitting bras since I was 19 years old. It has given me great perspective on my body and my breasts. At 19, I was in college for theater and surrounded by super thin, waif-like dancers and actresses. I hated my body. Then, I started working at Linda’s and saw naked women all day long. It took less than a week for me to be thankful for what I have!  It sounds terrible, but it was a real eye opener for me. I saw very droopy breasts, post surgical breasts, totally uneven breasts and mastectomies. You name it, I’ve seen it. So, that being said, I do not think my breasts are perfect, but I wouldn’t trade them in. I’m happy to have what I have. I’m down right proud of my boobies! (I also make it a mission to tell young women all the time to be thankful for their perky little bodies. They won’t stay that way forever, ladies!)

I am also thankful that I have such a vast library of bra styles and knowledge at my fingertips, so I know how to dress them up, pump them up, put them here, put them there, etc., etc. I’m sure that if I didn’t know what I know about bras and boobs, I’d probably want to trade them in everyday. And honestly, that’s how every  woman in any size cup feels if she isn’t “braducated”. The grass is always greener. Those that have them don’t want them, and those that don’t have them want them. My best advice is to love what you have, get a proper bra fitting, and learn to dress for your bust–not someone else’s.