Such an ethereal back.  Those of us who wear G cups and up can only dream, which is why I pinned this to my Clothing Wish List board (if you’re on Pinterest, let me know (1) how to follow you and (2) if you’d like to be a contributor to this board!). According to a conversation I had with Bra*Tenders‘ Lori Kaplan last year, F cups are the limit for backless dresses. Since Bra*Tenders serves the Broadway crowd, I had always hoped they would have a magical solution that would make Kate Hudson’s backless How to Lose a Guy dress possible for us. It was a sad day when my hopes for complete backlessness were dashed, and I hope I haven’t put your Monday off to a bad start by sharing this news with you.

Even if some of us can’t go truly backless (unless we plan to go braless), a little back interest is a nice way to balance all the front interest we have. I’m going to post more about this in the future. However, today’s post is actually about back posts of Hourglassy from one, two and three years ago. Get it–back interest?

In March 2009, I was all about researching shirts available to us:

  1. You’ve Got Options: Bratique Helene Review I  (March 3, 2009) and Review II (March 4, 2009) (Carissa Rose has come a LOOOONG way since then!)
  2. A Visit to Brooks Brothers (March 12, 2009)
  3. The Custom Option: Cego (March 17, 2009)
  4. What to Think about Thomas Pink (March 28, 2009)

This week in March 2010, I told you about

  1. my love for Maria Ficalora: In the Knit (March 25, 2010) and Justification and My Favorite Jackets (March 26, 2010) and
  2. interesting discoveries about Zippers, Bustlines and Necklines made with my friend Marketa (March 29, 2010)

Around this time last year, you

  1. read about my experience with The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens (March 23, 2011) and what it would take for a Rochelle Behrens shirt to work for a large-busted woman (March 24, 2011);
  2. saw how happy I was with the Carissa Rose Katerina dress (March 25, 2011); and
  3. learned which D+ Chantelle bras may work for your breast type (March 28, 2011).