I’m close to finalizing my decision for a fit model but am checking a few more measurements. Last week, my friend Marketa agreed to let me take her measurements in the dress department of a nearby department store. There were so many beautiful dresses that we tried on a few after taking measurements.

What I noticed is that a zipper on the side increases the likelihood that a dress won’t fit a large-breasted woman. Marketa, a 34F, fell in love with this dress, but once zipped, it gave her four breasts. Such a shame because it fit perfectly everywhere else.

This knit dress fit Marketa perfectly–no zipper, and the neckline is just right. We couldn’t figure out what to do with the loose piece you see around M’s neck. It wasn’t on sale enough to justify making alterations, so we put it back on the rack.

This dress looked so cute on the hanger, but it was all boob on me. Yes, it’s tight. I couldn’t actually get the zipper all the way up, but if I could have, are there any changes that would make this dress wearable by a large-breasted woman?