Here are the two reasons I plan to buy a jacket from Maria Ficalora:

1. Darcey Howard said it was okay. My favorite piece of advice from her at last October’s workshop was to once in a while, just go for the amazing. Instead of beginning with need, then availability, then cost, don’t even look at the price tag. Just try something on that catches your eye, and if it makes you look fabulous, buy it. The great thing about Maria’s jackets is that I actually do need one.

By the way, Darcey is offering another workshop on April 20 called “Black is not a Color – Branding Workshop for Service Professionals.” You can find more info here.

2. Christina Binkley’s article about her St. John suit. I’ve wanted such a suit ever since I read her article in 2008. (I’ve also wanted an Armani suit ever since my friend Lucy showed up for lunch one day in the Armani she’d found on sale at an outlet mall. It gave her a major presence.) The problem is, I haven’t liked the St. John suits I’ve seen in stores enough to spend the money. Maria’s suits remind me of St. John knits with two major exceptions: (a) I like so many of them that I’d have a hard time deciding on just one, and (b) Maria sells them directly instead of through a retail outlet, resulting in a much lower price.

I post my favorites after the jump.

I adore this jacket. Especially the color.

I love the lines of this jacket.

I wish I could wear this orange. By the way, the woman wearing this jacket and the one above wears a 34DD bra.

Here’s Maria standing in front of just a part of her collection.