If it’s been a long time since a shirt fit my shoulders, it’s been NEVER since I’ve found a wrap shirt that hasn’t required cleavage control measures–that is, until I tried Carissa’s wrap shirt.
This was also true of the white shirt, but I’m sure you’ll agree it’s even more miraculous with a wrap shirt. As you may realize from my January 23rd posting, I’m hyper-sensitive about cleavage*, and since I always see it because I’m always looking down my own shirt, I only trusted I could wear these shirts in an office environment after I looked at these pictures AND checked with Mr. Campbell for a guy’s opinion. Mr. Campbell didn’t see any cleavage. He just loved the way this wrap shirt fit, so I wore it to dinner for our first anniversary.

This shirt has a super generous sash that, unfortunately, when tied in a bow around my waist at dinner that night, stretched out and sagged, revealing the little button that fastens the two panels. The way I tied it in the above picture, however, kept everything crisp and hidden. Also, maybe it’s the color, but this shirt doesn’t seem to have the same wrinkling where the darts meet that bothered me in the white shirt.

I’ll take this shirt to my seamstress to revise the skirt-like feature and perhaps shorten it for proportion. Once that’s done, I’ll know whether I could wear it in an office with a formal dress code. I didn’t love it tucked in or under a suit jacket.

If you order this shirt, be sure to give Carissa your opinion. She’s very receptive to her customers’ needs and is already making plans to offer a more streamlined version of this shirt in the future.

*I realized after writing the January 23 post that there’s one more reason to reveal cleavage: you’ve gone through every clean shirt in your closet that goes with what you really, really want to wear that day, and the only thing left is the one item you swore you’d never wear to work, but you think just maybe you can get through the day without anyone seeing you from the front.