My thoughts on the fit of The Shirt are in comment 7 to yesterday’s post.  Today, I made a trip to my amazing tailor, Stanislav Ros, to see if The Shirt could be altered to fit my shoulders and waist.

The good news:  It can be done!

The bad news:  It’s expensive.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

I love having someone who takes my questions seriously and doesn’t dismiss them out of hand.  He pointed out that tailors who don’t work with shirts on a daily basis are less likely to take on a project like this because it’s more difficult for them.  Here is what Mr. Ros would do to make it fit:

  1. Add waist darts in the front.  $25
  2. Add waist darts in the back.  $25  (These aren’t absolutely necessary, but once you’re spending on everything else, what’s another $25?)
  3. Move the entire sleeve up to shorten the length, re-cut the shirt at the arm hole to make it smaller (to fit the now smaller diameter of the sleeve) and to make the shoulder fit properly, and add a bust dart.  $95

Grand total:  $88 shirt + $145 alterations = $233

I know it sounds crazy, but it could be worth it–especially if you found a bargain on the original shirt.  Alternatively, some of you are skilled knitters and sewers and could make these alterations yourself.  Lucky.