I had a few minutes to browse the dresses and coats in Bloomingdale’s today and made a few finds you might like.  First up, two Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses, neither of which hide arms or tummies . . . or boobs.

Interestingly, I started off with a pile of the ruched and sleeved knit dresses that I mentioned last week, but they didn’t do anything for me.  I suspect they didn’t do anything for anyone else because they were all on the 40% further reductions rack.  Too bad these two weren’t on the sale rack–I think the red one (yes, it really is a bright red in real life) was $140 and the black one $160.

There are two features that I especially like about the red dress:

  1. The princess seams, together with the knit fabric, give enough room for the bust (I think I’m wearing a US size 14); and
  2. the pocket detail balances the bust.

As you know, I’m not a fan of boat necks on us (I explained why here), so if this dress had looked absolutely amazing on me, I would have been tempted to buy it and have the neckline altered, a la Jessica Simpson.  However, for a work setting, a simple blazer would take the focus off the chest, as would a necklace or scarf at the balance point.  (By the way, nothing like seeing yourself in a photo to realize that your bra is letting you down! Is it time to retire my 36H Prima Donna Madison?)

The neckline of the black dress is my favorite.  I also really liked the heavy knit fabric because it makes the wearer less shapewear-dependent.  For a basic LBD, it would be hard to go wrong with this one.  I’m wearing a size large in this pic, but I think I could go down to a medium.  Too bad I’m not in the market for a LBD right now.

I am, however, in the market for a new coat!  When I first saw this Marc New York coat (marked down from $413 to $247.80), I thought, “What a nice way to accent the waist, but it’ll never fit–coats that accent the waist never fit my bust.”  Then I noticed the zipper and felt a little flutter of hope.  I remembered that Sarah over at Stackdd has had good luck with zippers, and she even included a Marc New York coat in her coat roundup last November.

So I found a size 14 . . . and zipped it up!

I was only wearing a tee shirt today, so it could be a little snug with something heavier, but one solution is to open the lapel as wide as possible as I have here.  It’s like a wrap dress without having to worry about cleavage!  If I bought this coat, I’d probably have to spend a fortune on having the sleeves altered, but it may be worth it.  It also comes in a shorter version (mid-thigh) that I think is more proportionate with my height.

Immediately after leaving Bloomingdale’s, I passed this woman on the street and knew exactly what coat she was wearing.

Of course I found these items when I wasn’t seriously shopping–that’s always the case, isn’t it? But if any of you are looking for work dresses and coats, you may want to check these out.