I found these 2007 photos earlier today on fabsugar (see what I mean about animal print being around every year?). What really caught my eye was the difference in neckline. Good job, Jessica.

September 9 Update: I asked Heather (my patternmaker) and Kate (my friend) if Jessica could have had the neckline altered after the dress was made, or if Marc Jacobs had to create it that way originally. Good news: This neckline can be altered after the dress is made. According to Heather, “You just need bias or new facing to finish the neckline. The hardest part is getting a nice line cut and not stretching the new neck.” Yay! This opens up a world of options for us when we go shopping now–if it isn’t prohibitively expensive. If anyone has ever tried or tries this alteration, please let us know how much it costs where you live, and I’ll let you know what I find out here in NYC.