Of course you’ve heard (again and again) that scoop, V and square necklines look good with a D+ bust.  But what do you know about balance points? In the photo on the right, my Introduction to Image Consulting instructor is wearing a necklace that falls at her second balance point.

Do you see how much wider she looks in the photo on the left? (Note–I took the picture on the left at a closer range, but the effect is still there.)  My instructor doesn’t have a D+ bust, but think of the implications for those of us who do.  I don’t want to look any wider below my neck than I have to.

How can you find your own balance points? Imogen Lamport gives a great tutorial on her InsideOutStyle blog.  I’d be very curious to hear where most of your first balance points fall!  Mine is an inch below the start of my cleavage, which means I won’t be unbuttoning my shirt there without a cami underneath.