With everything changing around us, have you wondered what would happen to the niche companies that cater to large-busted women? Initially, I thought the industry would contract, but now I’m thinking otherwise. Here’s why:

  1. The founders behind these brands are super committed to their mission. It’s always been difficult to build a brand for big busts, and the current environment is simply one more challenge.
  2. Big busts aren’t going anywhere. We still need clothes that fit us.
  3. There’s actually a chance that our options will expand as some of the women who are being laid off see this as an opportunity to do something they’ve always wanted to do: create clothing for fuller busts.

I checked in with two of my favorite brands for bigger busts, and sure enough, they’re as committed as ever.

Alice Fawke

When you visit her site for the three new pieces that begin shipping today, you will be impressed at how thoughtfully she has created for the summer months ahead. For instance, the Olympia top is based on the Lucy dress that Camille reviewed in October. Alice has “added some capacity into the waist to ensure it’s especially comfortable and forgiving in the heat,” and there’s a new asymmetric wrap effect below the waist. Here’s what I especially appreciate: she has “very subtly broadened the straps at the point they meet the bodice so that the corner of your bra cup is completely covered.”

Her new Miriam blouse would make an impression any time, but especially on Zoom calls today. It has the effect of a collared button-front minus the buttons all the way down. Instead, she uses a concealed side zip. I love the ruffled details and the fact that the collar can be styled both up and down.

Finally, here’s the Katie jacket in 100% cotton khaki that looks super wearable. I’m curious to see how it looks if worn open, but of course I’m thrilled there’s a close-able option for those of us with large chests.

Miriam Baker

Miriam Baker launches her spring collection on May 15, so I don’t yet have information about her fabric choices and seaming, but here’s a sneak peek at some of my favorite pieces from the photos she’s already shared with me.

If you’ve ever hunted for an elevated tee that won’t pull at your chest (the strum strum factor), then you know why I chose these tops. Since beginning my new job, I’ve been looking for basic tees that I can wear beneath blazers, but I’m not willing to settle for anything that doesn’t fit (looking at you, Aday–even when I sized up). This post explains why Miriam Baker’s deceptively simple-looking tops are anything but basic.

I’m loving this pale blue floaty-looking fabric. Which of these tops are at the top of your list?

Finally, Miriam has some gorgeous occasion pieces coming up. The Haley even has a matching skirt. But this is the dress I must share (and yes, those are pockets).