This dress was gifted by Alice Fawke. All opinions are Camille’s own. Clicking links in this post will not result in commissions to Hourglassy.

As you know from past full bust features, Camille measures 28.5″ at the waist and wears 28/30 bands with UK G, GG or H cups. Alice Fawke sent her the Lucy dress in size 12, and it was a perfect fit around her chest and waist!

One reason for the great fit around her large chest is the set of double princess seams–easier to see in the “sun” colored Lucy dress than in the black.

Camille kept saying how much she loved the high-quality woven fabric–a welcome change from knits for a bigger bust. It’s cotton, so somewhat casual, but it can easily be dressed up, which she did with this sparkly notch neck cropped cardigan from Bravissimo (she was fully prepared to return the cardigan until this dress arrived–she actually cut the labels off at our shoot!).

She also likes the flared skirt because it keeps her from having a rectangular shape when viewed from the front.

The website calls it the perfect summer dress (hence it’s on sale now!), but this dress can be worn throughout the year when paired with different jackets, cardigans and accessories. How would you finish the look we started with the belt above?

You may also remember that Camille is only 5 feet tall, and the Alice Fawke model is 5’11”, so there were necessary alterations to get this dress to fit Camille’s petite frame. I had to have some of the same changes made for my 5’3″ frame, so I’ll write about them in a separate post. In the end, Camille texted me, “I was so excited to see it now fits on me exactly as it does on the model.”

I’ve drawn a blue line along the seam that leads from the waist to the slit so that you can see this nice design detail (again, more visible in the sun color).

Finally, a view from the back. Look for more details on how we achieved this fit next week!