My winter wardrobe was kind of a mess. Starting two new jobs in less than five months and trying to figure out what to wear in two dramatically different environments (both different from the previous winter’s work environment) caused havoc in my wardrobe. I ended up buying an assortment of stuff from H&M, GAP, Forever 21 and J.Crew. The black J.Crew pants were a great fit, but I just don’t like pants so my sister is taking them off my hands. Only three items are coming back from all this shopping.
Below are the three items I will be wearing again next winter. This red sweater from J.Crew (still available in some colors – I’m wearing the XL). And this cream colored cropped sweater from Forever 21 with a long black knit ribbed skirt from H&M.
Luckily, the two dresses I bought from Lauren Ralph Lauren were winners and are definitely coming back next winter (I reviewed the green dress here). I ended up tacking the v-neck in the wrap dress to keep covered at work but it was a fantastic dress. I’m wearing a size 18 in both pictures. I liked them so much I bought two new Ralph Lauren dresses for Spring/Summer!
I didn’t end up wearing my Bravissimo navy blazer much. I might not be a blazer kind of lady. I’m going to give it another try next year as it is beautiful and fits great. Also in this picture is a red dress I purchased on eBay from Bravissimo nearly two years ago. Sadly, this dress is looking worn and my mom says it’s time to get rid of it.
I learned from this failed wardrobe that I should continue to dress in what makes me comfortable. If I am most comfortable in dresses that is what I should wear even if those around me are dressed in t-shirts/jeans/sneakers. Eventually, co-workers get used to my style and cease to comment on my being more dressed up than everyone else.
Did any of you buy any winter clothes this year that ended up being a flop?