Last September, I tried Stitch Fix, a remote styling and shopping service, and reported on my experience on Hourglassy. I returned everything they sent me because none of it was special enough for the price and most items weren’t particularly flattering.

In the time since, I’ve earned $100 in credit from people signing up for the service through my referral link. Given that my budget is even tighter than usual during covid-19 quarantine, now seemed like a good time to try Stitch Fix again. I could essentially “shop” without spending money, and it would give me something to look forward to.

Unfortunately, this Fix was no better than the last, and even with the credit I didn’t keep anything.

In my order, I wrote that I needed a pick-me-up during this sucky time. I requested bright colors and loud, fun patterns. I specified no basics and asked for tops, skirts, and dresses. I received one dress, three tops, and one skirt. Here’s what I was sent:

Item: “Lorna” textured wrap dress
Brand: Leota
Size: Medium
Price: $88

I liked the print and colors of this dress, but once again the silhouette is too corporate for me. It also dips so low that my bra gore is visible, so I actually couldn’t wear it to a conservative workplace anyway. It’s a faux wrap, which is usually great for a big bust, but while the stripe fabric is stretchy, the waistband is not, so it was a struggle to pull it over my shoulders and boobs, and literally impossible to step into it to pull over my hips.

Item: Modern denim mini skirt
Brand: Free People
Size: 8
Price: $50

I didn’t even try this skirt on, to be honest. I said no basics! My stylist described it as “edgy” in her note…in what universe?? And it doesn’t even have pockets or belt loops. $50 for a square of plain denim? No way!

Item: “Cerina” ruffle trim split neck knit top
Brand: Michael Michael Kors
Size: Medium
Price: $64

The worst of the bunch! This top is just awful. The color is not good on me and the ruffles are uncomfortable in my armpit. But the worst part is definitely the fit. An acquaintance on Facebook noted that it added 20 pounds to my frame. Last time I tried Stitch Fix, every top they sent was a shapeless sack with no tailoring, and I told them in my feedback that this style of top does not work for my hourglass figure. So what do they do in this Fix? Send me three more shapeless sacks! When browsing their site, I also notice that most of the tops pictured are shapeless. At this point, I don’t think they offer any shirts with any semblance of a waist. Just to compare this shirt to my actual figure:

Item: “Janka” tie neck blouse
Brand: Cece Sportswear
Size: Medium
Price: $68

Finally, something more in line with my style! I adore the bright green color of this top, and I like the puff sleeves and the ruffle and the tie at the neck. The fit was almost passable when tucked into some high-waist bottoms, but untucked is another sad sack disaster. It looks like a maternity blouse! I considered keeping it and making alterations, but ultimately decided it wouldn’t be worth the closet space—even though it would have been literally free, with $32 in credit left over.

Item: “Norien” pleated detail textured blouse
Brand: Cece Sportswear
Size: Medium
Price: $58

Another fabulous color! And another sad sack. Again, I like the details (Peter Pan collar and small pleat at the neck), but the fit is just awful. With this one, I didn’t even feel that tucking it in saved it. Without sleeves, it’s just a square. The armholes are also too big and expose a lot of side-bra:

I think this is the end of my Stitch Fix experiment. Even with $100 in credit, there was nothing I felt the need to keep. However, if anyone still wants to try it for themselves, you can use my Stitch Fix link to get a $50 credit at signup.