One of my favorite things about this time is the way everyone checks in on each other. A few weeks ago, I kept wondering, “How is Judy Masucci doing?” and I had to reach out. Here’s the good news for full-busted women: despite its challenges, Levana Bratique is committed to staying in business.

If anything, the current crisis has made it more accessible! When Judy fit me into my first Ewa Michaleks in 2017, I told you that “if Levana Bratique were in New York City, I’d refer all of my friends there without worrying that I should accompany them.” Now I can simply refer them to her Virtual Bra Fitting service and YouTube videos.

It makes me smile to see Judy demonstrate on herself how to put on a bra, how to tell if it fits, and how to measure. She is just so REAL. And so right.

When I ran into Judy at Curve in February, of COURSE
she showed me the velvet Ewa Michalek she was wearing.

Unless you stocked up on bras like some people stocked up on toilet paper before the quarantine, there’s a good chance you could always use another bra. Would you consider spending your bra budget on an independent boutique like Levana right now? (NEWS FLASH: at 7 pm on Wednesday, May 13, Judy will be having a flash sale on her very first Facebook live–I’m dying to see what she’s making available in those few minutes!)

Or how about something like this this body stocking that I’ve wanted ever since she wrote on Instagram that “It looks amazing on every body type!“?

If you don’t need anything for yourself, consider contributing to The Comfort Project. I love that Judy is remembering the people who work at nursing homes!

Finally, here’s my favorite thing that Judy is doing right now: Looking for the Helpers. We all know a women who is looking out for others in a special way. For the rest of this month, you can enter her to win a $50 gift certificate to Levana Bratique.