Is there a television or movie character who represents your Ideal Style? Right now, Robin Wright’s character on House of Cards, Clare Underwood, represents mine: streamlined, down to business, and unmistakably feminine.  Even though there’s no way that D+ boobs could squeeze into the costumes you see below, these fitted styles look amazing on full-busted women when there is enough boob room.

I also like Carolyn Desrosiers’s observation that, as a minimalist, Clare “accessorizes with interesting necklines, rather than jewellery.” I’m a convert to the importance of balance points, and it may be that Clare’s necklines fall at hers. I’m thinking that it could be worthwhile to experiment with interesting necklines rather than depending on necklaces and scarves to do all the work.

Robin Wright House of Cards button front shirt
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The bateau is not a neckline that I can carry off, but Claire over at Butterfly Collection finds that wide boatnecks work well for her and others.



Given my adoration of everything in Clare Underwood’s closet, it surprised me to be drawn to another style model in Lilyhammer. I’ll tell you more about her on Wednesday–she’s the exact opposite of everything you see here.

As I’m sure you already know, each Hourglassy writer has her own particular style. Last year, Tina shared her style inspiration from The Good Wife. I’d love to hear who inspires our other writers . . . and YOU.