I’ll start with a confession – I’ve been hating not having enough light in the one place in our home where it’s easy to take photos, and I’ve also been a bit of a dummy with my new camera and haven’t figured how to use the flash. Today I finally did when I took the photos of the labels – so from now on I promise better quality photos!

Winter finally made it to Northern Europe this week after it was almost officially cancelled, so I dug out my puffy coats. This post was also inspired by Mia’s review of the vibrantly colored and well fitting Columbia puffy coat.

There are two approaches to puffy coats in most of Europe:

  • the ones sold in the ladies clothing department and
  • the ones sold in the leisure- and sportswear department (ie. Columbia and Peak Performance).

Probably because of the long and extremely cold winters up in the Nordic countries we do want to have some variety in our winter coats and therefore have this separation.

This is my puffy coat for this winter. I liked that it features a bit of an a-line hem, making it a little different from the red puffy coat I bought last winter. Also the vertical stitching on the sides makes it flattering, as without it the hem would look a bit barrel like from the side.

Austrian designer
Austrian designer Erich Fend coat (I’m not pushing down the jacket from the sides in the middle pose, it’s the cut and the belt that give it the shape)


This is the red puffy coat with an annoying belt. It’s at the same level as a grocery shopping cart handrail and if I bump the buckle into it, it bounces open.

I prefer longer coats in the winter as they feel so much warmer than waist length coats. They also go well with dresses and boots. And a beanie or a hat is always a must in cold weather!


Most puffy coats that are sold in the leisure and sportswear departments are absolutely horrid for bustier women, showcasing a Nike puffy vest here. Thankfully DB can wear it so it gets some use as I sure won’t go anywhere wearing it!

Nike puffy vest, HORRIBLE fit on a bustier woman.
Nike puffy vest, HORRIBLE fit on a bustier woman.

Hope you have found your perfect puffy coat and are staying warm this winter!