Since I currently have only two style personalities, it may be more accurate to title these posts, “My Split Style Personality”. At one extreme is cool Clare Underwood from House of Cards. At the other extreme is warm Randi from Lilyhammer.

henriette steenstrup 1

henriette steenstrup b

henriette steenstrup c

henriette streenstrup d

In one sense, Randi’s outfits are much easier than Clare’s–no shapewear involved! Everything is in comfortable knits. However, in another way I find her outfits far more challenging–different colors and patterns! Blending colors and patterns is so difficult for me that I usually settle for a lot of neutrals with just an accent color. Clare has it easy with all her greys and blacks.

It looks like Randi has a basic formula that works well for many busty women: a base column of color topped with cardigans and accessories. She balances the bottom with complementary tights. Randi’s boobs receive absolutely no attention–her clothing is all about reflecting her personality. (Unfortunately, her waist receives no attention either.)

Henriette Steenstrup, the comedic actress who plays Randi, belongs on our Celebrity D+ List.

henriette steenstrup d cup and up list

henriette steenstrup wrap dress
The telltale wrap dress . . . .

henriette steenstrup 2

Don’t you absolutely adore this final photo? (It’s from this post.) Although Lilyhammer‘s treatment of women has disappointed me, I’m thrilled that they used an actress with an “ordinary body” in Season 2–even if we can’t really see it under all those clothes. Actually, this photo makes me realize there may be no such thing as an ordinary body after all!