I rarely have clear style inspirations, but one TV show has been an exception: The Good Wife. I love all the leading ladies’ styling, but especially Kalinda’s. She inspires me with her edgy combination of classic pieces with leather in boots, jackets, and skirts.

I only wish it would be easy to find good-looking leather jackets for a bustier figure. Pepperberry is selling a few, but one has ruffles and another one is a bit pricey given that a lot of the jacket isn’t even leather. I have one I can wear but it’s not an ideal fit.

The boots look is very achievable for any figure, really, and I don’t think one can ever go too wrong with a simple dress / skirt and black boots.

Personally, I prefer a little longer hems, though just above the knee rather than below. Also spike heels are not my thing at the office. I wear a bit more modest boots there.

I also like the dark tone of purple and blacks and forest green that suit the actress so well. Keeping colors neutral can never go wrong.

I’ve tried to spice up my wardrobe with fuchsia and patterns lately as my closet was mainly black and tan.

But in general I love to watch The Good Wife to see what modern corporate Diane, edgy corporate Kalinda and classic corporate Alicia are wearing. They are all so stylish and at the same time different. Which is your favorite style?