We’ve all found one, haven’t we? A blazer that fits perfectly in the back . . .

but looks like half-opened shutters from the front.

As you know from her recent post here, Holly of The Full Figured Chest is revamping her wardrobe. When she told me that she’s been looking for a basic suit jacket for weeks with no results, I could relate because I’m ALWAYS looking for a basic blazer that looks as good over my large bust as it does over my back. Here are links to past posts on this topic:

Possible Solutions:

1. Buy a blazer that’s too large and have it altered.  This post goes into the cost benefit analysis of doing this–and that’s only after you’ve found a tailor that you trust. (One criteria: you have to love the blazer enough to spend the money, which is why I returned this jacket.) I’ve been meaning to try this solution forever. Perhaps Holly will try it for one of her upcoming Hourglassy pieces (hint, hint).

2. Go the made-to-measure route.

If you’re in the United States, my friend Tina loves the service that she gets from Tom James. Even with made to measure, however, she goes through up to three fittings to get the fit just right. This is why I do NOT recommend a service where you simply send in your measurements. Sadly, this is now Moi-Meme‘s approach; they select from one of 72 patterns for your measurements and no longer offer alterations.

In 2009 I reported that Rebecca & Drew offered made-to-measure jackets, but you won’t find them on their website today. However, they do plan to offer them again in the fall, and only through their showrooms in NYC and Houston–smart move.

You can also try Tina’s great Maria Ficalora find–another option that I still want to try one day.

And there’s custom clothier Jennifer Dule. You can see her amazing blazer in the photo I took of her at the Bra La Mode event in January.

If you want to travel, I highly recommend a vacation to Hoi Anh in Vietnam. Amass frequent flier miles and spend your days reading by the beach between fittings.

Do you have other in-person custom options that you can recommend?

3. Grab something from Pepperberry. I’m cheating by linking directly to their site instead of a past post about them, but I haven’t tried one of their blazers yet. However, June of Braless in Brasil recently had a pretty good experience with one.

4. Go for jersey blazers and jacket-like cardigans.

Jacket-like cardigan example
Marketa’s Free People Find  (This also shows that hooks can be our friend. And don’t forget zippers.)

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