I bought this Sony Cyber-shot HX9V at Costco on Friday, and I haven’t had anything to take a picture of for Hourglassy since!  So I stopped by Talbot’s on my way home tonight and found this jacket.  Is it a keeper?  I list the pros and cons after the second photo.


  • a really pretty greenish color with flecks of brown and grey, so it’s versatile and looks great with my eyes
  • down to $75 from $159; makes the cost of alterations less painful
  • one button closure beneath the bust line
  • seams everywhere lend themselves to being taken in at the sides and in the back
  • good excuse to try the new seamstress I’ve discovered near our house


  • alterations will be e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e . . . look how long those arms are!
  • really warm and a tiny bit scratchy
  • too corporate looking?

I welcome your feedback.  And thanks for your indulgence with my new camera obsession!