If there’s anything I’ve discovered since starting this blog, it’s that boobs are hilarious.  Even my administrative law judge couldn’t resist making a boob joke in his decision to grant me unemployment benefits in 2009.  But in my teens and tweens, it was another story:  nothing was funny about my boobs.  They were an embarrassment that I tried to disguise or hide under prim or baggy clothes.

It’s this memory that gives me empathy for full-breasted girls and why I became so excited as I blogged last Friday.  I knew that everyone was out shopping, but I felt deflated when no one jumped on the bandwagon with me.  Then a friend and former bra fitter sent me this re-energizing email:

I read your latest post about DD mentor/ awareness/ charity. I would be ALL over that. One of the more moving/frustrating experiences I had while working in the dressing rooms at [Anonymous Lingerie Store] was telling younger girls ( as young as 14) that they were anything over a D and seeing them recoil in horror. There is such an ignorance with the general public regarding sizing and these poor girls feel awful.

I would also like to take the “humor” out of the whole experience. Knowing me, I’m sure you know that I don’t mean to make the experience unpleasant or somber. I just tire of people not familiar with size giggling about anything above a D or suggesting that that somehow means augmented. Sorry to ramble, but it is just one more thing that drives me crazy.

Anyway, I totally agree that these girls could use a support network. The poor things just want to look like their friends and their friends take no pity on them, instead acting like they are somehow lucky to be so well endowed.

I couldn’t have said it better.  Are you ready to jump on the bandwagon with us?

Let’s start with letters.  If you passed a well-developed young teenager on the street who was obviously wearing the wrong bra, and a magical lingerie store owner suddenly appeared out of nowhere, tapped you on the shoulder and said, “You are to be this girl’s D+ Godmother. Write her a heartfelt letter of advice, and you could win an unlimited supply of all your favorite bras (with matching panties!) for the rest of your life,” what would you write?

Write a letter to that girl on the street (you decide her age and what she looks like) and send it to me at “darlene AT hourglassy DOT com”  by midnight, PST, on Friday, December 16, and you’ll win something, although I can’t promise you a lifetime supply of your favorite lingerie.  The top three submissions will win a little something more.

I know you have all sorts of things to tell your D+ goddaughter, but please keep your very first letter to her between 300-1000 words.