My friend Moira works in the lingerie industry and has a website called Bra La Mode.  She covers “intimate affairs”, and yesterday she held the inaugural intimate affair for Bra La Mode at the famous Bra*Tenders in the Theater District. The music, food, and drinks were great, but the people were even better.  Below, see fabulous fashion finds on some of the full-busted attendees, and meet some of the “bralebrities” who were there.

Enid wears a 40G/38H. If you haven’t yet discovered her posts over at Bra La Mode, then you need to make up for lost time. Start with her latest about shapewear. Don’t you love what she chose to wear to yesterday’s event? The princess seams, zippered back and deep scoopneck are great design features for full busts. Also, check out her georgeous beaded bra straps–nice touch!

Crystal wears a 32F/FF and is one of the most gracious bra fitters I’ve ever met. Bra Tenders is lucky to have her. If I were wearing this amazing dress that she found at Banana Republic last summer, I’d have a big smile on my face, too. It’s my all-time favorite neckline for the full bust. Also check out her patterned tights. What do you think are the principles that make everything about her outfit work so well together?

This is Jennifer Dule, a custom couture designer, wearing one of her creations. I immediately recognized that this jacket would look amazing on any full-busted hourglass figure. When I photographed it, she said I was the only person who’s ever been interested in the buttons and not the embroidery. Looking at this photo, I now realize how strategically minimizing embroidery details like these can be. I’m also interested in the seams that create this gorgeous piece and will ask her more about them when I interview her for a post on Hourglassy in the near future. Let me know if you have other questions you’d like me to ask her!

This is Roslyn Hart, an 88-year-old legend in the lingerie business who continues to design bras.  Before yesterday, I had only met her over the phone in 2008 when she patiently answered my questions about fit.  She was the first person to tell me about the difference between the full-breasted and full-figured markets and that my shirts would be “button front” and not “button down” (the latter indicates that the collar is buttoned down).  It was fun to show her my shirts that were only a dream 4 years ago.

And here’s Ali Cudby, whose book Leah reviewed for Off the Rack recently. You’ve also read guest posts from her about first bra fittings and Amoena Mia.

Below left is Margaret Shrum, the Lingerie Goddess responsible for the current rennaissance in my lingerie drawer.  On the right is Asi Efros, the creator of the most exquisite lingerie line I’ve ever seen, Ann Vogue.  Last September Margaret wrote a fascinating interview with Asi for The Examiner.

Don’t you like the fishnet stockings worn by the Chantelle representative? Chantelle was one of the sponsors for the event.

Finally, one of my favorite characters at the event was the cat, here being held by Bra*Tenders owner Lori Kaplan.  Not only does Lori have a soft spot for cats, but she also has a special place in her heart for adolescents who need the support of a correctly-fitting bra.  I can’t wait to have further conversations with her about ways she has helped young women (a Bra Mitzvah!) and what’s ahead for the Fairy Bra Mothers.