According to a study by Triumph lingerie, 69% of Italian women wear a sexy bra when others can see it, and the main reason for wearing a bra in France is to receive compliments. No wonder European bras are so pretty.

I wouldn’t mind showing pretty bra straps from under a summer dress, and since most of a bra’s support comes from the band and not the straps, there should be plenty of pretty strap options out there for large-breasted women. A Wall Street Journal article last Thursday about the engineering involved in creating large-cup bras, showed how dividing this Prima Donna bra strap in two creates a more delicate look. The flowers help, too!

But sometimes a seamed bra like this just isn’t going to work, and we have to revert to that old standby, the functional strapless that we don’t want anybody to see. You can still dress it up, however. After the jump, see some of the removable bra straps I’ve found online.

I love these silver circles and the beaded straps below from Strappy’s.

At, you can find pearls and crystals.

I like the idea of less mass-produced straps, as well, like these recycled kimono bra straps from Uncommon Goods, or the polka dots straps below by 2by2. (I wish the pictures were better–there are others that look like they could be really pretty, but the pictures just aren’t clear.)

And of course after finding the above, I thought of Etsy. Here’s a set made from rubber washers.

And a set of coral beaded straps.

It looks like I could go on and on with more finds, so I’d better stop now. If you try one of these, please send me a picture!