I stopped by Linda’s yesterday to see if she had anything special for large-breasted women who want to wear those cute little summer dresses I wrote about Tuesday without revealing their bras. For my size, a 34G, Linda suggested the Fantasie 4530 strapless that Amy Wine mentioned on Wednesday.

I had buyer’s remorse as soon as I walked out the door–the foam molding and the way the cashier could barely fit it into the little shopping bag reminded me too much of the Panache 3376 I wrote about last Friday. I decided to preserve judgment until I could take the pictures below. Can you tell which one is the strapless and which one is the everyday Fantasie 4500?


B. [Note on 7/28/18: this is NOT the correct image–we need to locate the original!]

A. everyday bra
B. strapless bra

Are you as surprised as I was? Needless to say, I’m not rushing back to return it. That depends on the dresses I find for Vietnam. And if I keep it, I’ll have the perfect excuse to buy one of The Brag Company’s Buxom Bra Bags that I wrote about last June.