How lucky am I that my “job” yesterday involved sitting on the floor of Barnes & Noble surrounded by style books? I’ll write more about their contents next Monday, but I was surprised by one author’s warning to avoid strapless gowns. Thankfully, the writers for the Real Simple June issue didn’t get the memo. (But I wish they’d get the memo to post this image online.)

The woman on the right is a 34D who says, “Strapless dresses can be a challenge for me, but this [Rebecca Taylor dress] is structured and supportive. I didn’t have to hike it up every five minutes.” Of course, the key for large-breasted women is not to rely on the dress for support. We have to allocate the time to find the right bra, whether it be an altered corset, a Fantasie strapless or some other foundation that works for us.

As we saw from Sadie’s wedding gown and Amy Wine’s bridesmaid dress (pictures posted again after the jump because I think they’re so beautiful), large-breasted women look great in strapless dresses.