Corporette is featuring a BCBGMaxazria open-front cardigan today on sale for 50% off at Lord & Taylor.  This has the potential to work well for us:  a jacket-like cardigan that emphasizes the waist and back without  bulging buttons in front.  The picture on Corporette looks much more structured than the Lord & Taylor image, however, and the latter makes me fear losing my waist. (I have avoided all such loose-y cardigans so far, but wait till you see what Silfath did with the one that Gina owns.)

In the comments section, reader MM pointed me to the cardigan in the title of this post:

I’m large-chested and bordering on plus-size. I have a couple cardigans in this style from Nordstroms, and I find them extremely flattering. I like that they curve out over my chest, thus “breaking up the bulk” so to speak (I hate it when cardigans won’t stay over the breasts and instead fall to the side of them, a common problem for me). Yet, because of the waist shape, they don’t just hang down the front making me look more bulky. Mine have some nice gathering in the back to create more of a waist and hold that shape. I looooove them.

Mine been featured here [on Corporette] before, but the sizing is juniors and may not work for you (I wear an XL). If not, definitely give this one [from BCBGMaxazria] a try! Here’s the link to mine:

MM owns this cardigan in 4 different colors, which is possible at the $39 price. In the Nordstrom comments section, some women complain that the weight of the fabric is too light, which could affect how it drapes (and could make the BCBGMaxazria more appealing).  However, since MM says it doesn’t fall to the side of her breasts–my biggest peeve about cardigans–then it sounds great to me.  If you try it, let us know!