So I’ve been playing with this idea ever since I visited the Brownstone in January.  While there, the salesman squeezed me into an adorable jacket that gave me even more up top than I already have.  I stammered that I didn’t think it was made for me, but he disagreed.  “You’ve got to work it!” he exclaimed.  Maybe he just wanted the sale, but maybe he really meant it.  Either way, it made me realize that different people have an entirely different idea of what looks good on us.

Given this realization, wouldn’t the following formula be fun?

              1 full-busted woman who needs a look (going out, work, interview, holiday party, etc.)
            +1 store
            +3 stylists assigned to create their version of the look from what is available in the store
           = 1 blog series with great ideas of what we can wear and find in the stores right now

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a variation of this idea with Silfath Pinto.  Instead of three stylists and one look, she’s been one stylist coming up with three looks for each of two key pieces in Gina’s closet.  Be ready to be inspired in the next few days!